Can I use the Prescription Discount Card for drugs that are excluded by my insurance company?

It’s very common for some brands and classes of prescription drugs to be excluded from your insurance company’s drug “formulary”. As a Discount Drug Network Prescription Discount Card holder, you can use our card to save on any FDA-approved drug. All drugs are eligible for the best discounts we could negotiate on your behalf with each pharmacy.

It’s important to note that even if a drug IS covered by your insurance company, you should use our card to compare the pricing. It’s not uncommon for a drug to be less expensive with the Prescription Discount Card than an insurance price or co-pay – especially for generic medications. Just remember to ask the pharmacist or pharmacy technician to check for your prescription drug price using both your insurance and the FREE Prescription Discount Card – then use whichever gives you the lower price! 

Also – keep in mind that prescription drug pricing may vary substantially at different pharmacies for the exact same drug. To make sure you save the most money, check for pricing using our online drug pricing tool. Just enter your drug name, your dosage information, and your zip code. It will show you results for drug pricing at every pharmacy near you!