Can this card help me find pricing for a generic equivalent to my prescription drug?

Because the FREE Prescription Discount Card helps you get the best negotiated pharmacy pricing for all FDA-approved prescription drugs, looking up pricing for the generic equivalent for your brand-name prescription is a really great idea! Discount Drug Network makes this easy two different ways. First, if you use our drug pricing tool on our website (link here) you will notice that in Step 4, when it shows the pricing for your drug at a local pharmacy, it will also display on the right-hand side “Lower Cost Drug Alternatives / Generic Equivalents”. This is a great time and money saver, so please make sure you use it! As a second option, just call our customer support number and ask for help. Our personal prescription shoppers will be happy to help you!

Please note that some drugs may not have a generic alternative. You also may need to contact your physician to write a different prescription for the less costly medication.