Does my Doctor need to know about the Prescription Discount Card?

If you’re wondering whether your doctor needs to know about the prescription discount card when he or she writes your prescription, rest assured  this isn’t necessary. Your doctor will write your prescription like always, but when you bring your prescription to the pharmacy, be sure to present your card to the pharmacist or pharmacy technician. If you don’t have insurance, they will use the Group # and BIN # on your card to look up your prescription pricing. If you do have insurance, just instruct them to run the Prescription Discount Card through their system like “secondary insurance”. This allows them to check pricing for your prescription using both your insurance card AND the Prescription Discount Card. You can then use whichever card gives you the lower price for the drug.

That being said, you may be surprised to know that many doctors are aware of and fully endorse the Prescription Discount Card. They know it helps their patients save money while following their medical advice.

Remember, if you have any trouble at all using your FREE Prescription Discount Card, just call us or go online for support. Our personal prescription price shoppers are standing by ready to help you save money!