What prescription drugs work with the FREE Prescription Discount Card?

All FDA approved Brand-Name and Generic Prescription Medications are covered by Discount Drug Network’s Prescription Discount Card. Because we use group buying power to negotiate the best discounts for anyone to use, all FDA-approved prescription drugs work with the FREE Prescription Discount Card. Remember, however, that if you have insurance your insurance price or co-pay amount may be better than the best discounts we could negotiate. Discount Drug Network finds that our negotiated pricing is often best on generic drugs as opposed to brand name drugs, because there is less leverage to negotiate discounts. That being said, if you don’t have insurance, utilize high-deductible insurance, don’t have a prescription drug benefit, or simply need a prescription that isn’t covered by your insurance company’s prescription drug “formulary”, then you’ll find the discounted pricing through the FREE Prescription Discount Card is very competitive and should save you money. Do you still have questions? Would you like help researching pricing for your specific drug? Call our team of prescription pricing experts to ask for help!