Which pharmacies accept the Prescription Discount Card?

Which pharmacies accept the Prescription Discount Card? Discount Drug Network has discounted prescription drug pricing agreements with over 65,000 pharmacies throughout the U.S. We have agreements with nearly all national and regional pharmacy chains and most independent pharmacies.

All pharmacies have been given equal opportunity to participate in our network. Because of the large size of our membership, they are happy to exchange a discount on a prescription drug for the increased traffic through their stores. It’s good business for them and good for you!

Some pharmacies have refused, however, to participate. If your pharmacy does not participate, go online to search for local pharmacies that do. You will find that nearly all of your local pharmacies currently participate. Don’t let pharmacy loyalty cost you money! Be sure to shop around and use our online drug pricing tool to get the lowest price.

Sometimes a pharmacist or pharmacy technician mistakenly thinks that they do not accept our Prescription Discount Card. They might confuse us with a different discount drug card program or might simply not know what a Prescription Discount Card is. That is why it’s so important to use the pharmacy help phone number listed on your card right away!